Collector information


Commission Oil Paintings

 For custom or commissioned oil paintings please "Connect" with us. Payment plans are available. You will be able to converse directly with Al Hogue and create your custom masterpiece.

Limited Edition Giclee & Lithograph Prints

Purchases can be made with a credit or debit card using PayPal or Stripe links that will be on the lithograph purchase and Giclee purchase pages or for a extra discount 3% you are welcomed to send a check to Al Hogue PO box 9361 Huntsville, Tx 77340

Collectors Wanting a new Certificate Of Authenticity

Please e-mail with the following information: Email your Al Hogue invoice or proof that you are the original owner, the title of your art; the edition letters and numbers found at the bottom of your art; the IMAGE measurements of the art (not including the frame dimensions) and, if known, the medium in which your art was printed. You will find most of this information on the print itself and all this information on your original AL Hogue invoice.                                 

          Collectors Wanting to Sell Their Art

Because we don’t sell Hogue art in any other way than the new art, the secondary market is not a part of our normal retail experience. But we would like to help you the best we can, so here are some ideas that you could consider:    

- EBay 

- Consignment at a gallery who carries who sells similar art ( you will have to give them a percentage of the sale ).

 - The classified sections in art magazines.

  1. - Call several appraisers and ask them if they have any ideas on how to sell your art.

  2. - Auction houses such as Sotheby’s or Christies.

  3. - Craig’s List

 Appraisers can appropriately value your artwork for any insurance or resale purposes, typically for a fee. We recommend that you use a member of the Appraisers Association of America. 


Limited edition Canvas print care:


Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep away from heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit , always check areas above or close to a fire place stove or other heat source with a thermometer.

Keep away from moist areas like showers, stoves, pools, hot tubs and saunas even damp basements or storage. Suggest framing behind glass or plexiglass and sealing the back too if it is close to one of these areas but may still be at risk of developing mold.

Do not clean with anything moist like water, solvents  or cleaning products.

Keep dusted only with a clean dry soft cloth or feather duster that will not scratch the print surface. Small compressed air cans work well to help dust print and fabric liners.

If you see spots on the front of your limited edition Canvas print:

The biggest problem with limited edition canvas prints is mold, though cleaning products or other liquids accidentally sprayed on or just floating in the air can have reactions on the front surface of the print. First look on the back of the canvas to see if there are dark spots this would be mold. If so you will need to take it to a professional restorer who will usually treat it with a special UV light. If there is no mold apparent then it is probably something on the front, take a soft clean dry cloth and gently wipe over the spots on the front of the print. If it doesn't wipe off then more than likely the emulsion has been compromised with some kind of liquid and there is little you can do. Ether live with it or we can sell you a replacement at a special price if you have the certificate of authenticity and send us the damaged print to be destroyed.

               original Oil Painting Care

Is basically the same as the "Limited Edition" care.

 Depending on the environment it is kept in the varnish on the front of the painting may need to be cleaned and a new coat put on every 70-100 years by a professional restorer.