It’s gorgeous... love your second signature inthe snow... love my little initials under the tree... love the feeling this painting gives me. It’s hauntingly reminiscent to me, like you got inside my head. I will treasure it forever.
A million thank yous!!!

      John Clifton

       Date: 3/11/2017

       Product/Service: ART

       I want to express how much Sherry and I enjoy your art. Acquiring our second work and exchanging emails with you triggered memories that I would like to share Read full testimonial...


       Vi and Rick Eckert

       Date: 07/9/2016

       Product/Service: ART

       You do amazing work!Thanks!


       Carol Towne

       Date: 2/11/2016

       Product/Service: ART

       I received my new painting and it's on my wall looking fantastic! With these new peices I have 14 in total along with the other 3 originals -- now makes 4 originals. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful paintings and bringing an abundance of warmth and color into my home.


       Love your new paintings, and look forward to seeing all your newest looks.




       Brian Miller


       Date: 12/14/2014

       Product/Service: ART

       I broke down and gave Christie the painting two days before her birthday...she loves it! She's looking for the perfect place to hang it now.Thanks again!

       Brigitte Higdon

       Date: 12/13/2013

       Product/Service: ART

       I just received the paintings and the dedication; I can't tell you how happy I am; the paintings look even better than the pictures on your website; and the frames are absolutely gorgeous. I am moving around some of the art I have on my walls to give your paintings the best place. Thank you so much and Mele Kalikimaka to you and your family.

       Linda and Bob Burns

       City: Florida, USA

       Product/Service: The Sunrise Sentinel


       The image we chose this time was "Sunrise Sentinel" it is so beautiful. We will be excited to receive it...The painting we bought first, we have had so many comments on it and I know we will on the next (two) we receive...



       Linda and Bob Burns

       Kelly & Walter Haiduk

       City: CA USA

       Product/Service: Kellys Moon (Unpublished Original)


       I just wanted to say it was a great pleasure to meet you at Lake Tahoe. I can't wait to have one of your paintings hanging in my living room. Like I said to you on Sunday, I am a person who does not appreciate art. But I was awestruck by your paintings. And will continue to be as time goes on. Thank you very much for showing me how to appreciate "beauty", as seen through your eyes.



       Kelly Haiduk

       Angelia Crespin

       City: Lawndale,CA US

       Product/Service: Waikiki Sunrise


       While in Hawaii on Vacation we came across this beautiful painting & my boyfriend of almost 5 years bought it for me(US), mind you we were not looking to buy. The night before we came back home he took me to Waikiki and proposed. I can't wait until we get the painting, it has more meaning to me/us than anyone can imagine. We were also lucky to get the print number that also indicated the date he proposed. Beautiful work!!!

       Angelia Crespin

       Spencer Storie

       City: Salisbury,N.C.

       Product/Service: Select an Image


       I'v enjoyed Al Hogues art for a long time.Congratulations on the recent article in Newsweek Magazine.Quite a comparision,but well deserved!I own the original"Evening In The Keys"and a print of"Sernity Bay".Let me know when your next show is in Key West.I live there part of the time.Would like to meet you there during your next show. Spencer Storie

       Richard Kirkman

       City: Fall River,MA U.S.A.

       Product/Service: The Sentinel


       If it's true that good art stirs the soul, then Al Hogue's work soothes, comforts and inspires. "The Sentinel" is a testament to an artist with talent and romantic vision, and will be a cherished possession of mine forever. Regards, R.Kirkman

       Cathy Holmes

       City: Los Gatos,CA USA

       Product/Service: Amber Light


       Please let Al know that we received his "Amber Light" painting before Thanksgiving and that we loved it. We will forever cherish that night last summer we had with him. I really thought that Al was a very down-to-earth person and Jamie needed to meet an artist that was not egotistical about his art. Please let us know when he will be back in the San Francisco area again. I'd like to personally thank him for our painting.

       Desiree Maas

       City: Pine Mountain Club,California U.S

       Product/Service: Moonlit Magic


       I Love all your work!! the paintings are soo real and so amazing!! they are the most beautiful art work ive seen in my life. I love the moon and Hawaiin scenes, or should i say Beach scenes! Thank you for your time and effort to making these magnificient pictures for us to see. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

       Mary Bradley

       City: Neptune,NJ US

       Product/Service: Select an Image


       My Husband and I were on Vacation in Florida. We took a day and went to Key West. We went to Wyland Galleries. I really was never an Art Lover until I saw your work. You have changed my outlook on art. Thank you for the beautiful Art. I haven't purchased any but I love to admire your art work. Some day I hope to have some of your work.

       Thank you again


       Dave & Dot McHenry

       City: Sacramento,CA USA

       Product/Service: Nautilus Moon


       We first saw your work at the Wyland Gallery at the Wiakoloa in 1997. My wife just stood there and stared at Nautilus Moon for the longest time. I decided to surprise her by taking her to meet you in July 1998 when you visited the Wyland Gallery in San Francisco, CA and we ended up purchasing that painting, with the original Koa wood frame we saw in Hawaii. It now graces the entryway of our home and everyone comments on it's grace and beauty. Thanks. Hope to add to our collection of one in the near future.

       Lynda Lobdell

       City: Costa Mesa,CA USA

       Product/Service: Select an Image


       I am a real fan of Al's work. He is my all time favorite artist. This web page is great and shows what a great guy Al really is and how people mean so much to his art. It was such a treat getting to meet him before we knew he was famous! That way no intimidation due to his fame. Just pure appreciation of his talent.

       John & Susan Staffaroni

       City: Arlington,TX USA

       Product/Service: Tranquil Keys


       My wife and I spent our first anniversary in the Keys this past April. We have always loved artwork but were floored by the work done by Al. It's breathtaking. We just received our original piece in the mail yesterday "Tranquil Keys" and we love it. Everytime we look at it it brings us right back to the beach which we love. I can't say enough about the staff in Key West, Chris Hermes and David Todd were great and really helped in making our decision fun and exciting. We are definitely making plans to buy more pieces in the future. Thanks Al for sharing your visions.

       Ted & Nanette DeCastri

       City: West Palm Beach,FL USA

       Product/Service: Nautilus Moon


       We just arrived back from our tenth anniversary in Key West. Our present to ourselves was Nautilus Moon. Chris in the Key West gallery was wonderful! Our whole experience was virtually perfect and we cannot wait for our new art to arrive! We are just... so... excited!

       Thanks Al! And thanks Chris!

       T&N DeCastri

       Lin & Cindy McCormack

       City: Loomis,CA USA

       Product/Service: Select an Image


       When I discovered Banyan Moon, I was a single mom. I promised myself I would own Banyan Moon someday. (That was in 1998) I married the love of my life, Lin, in March of 2000 in Waikiki. I had to show him Banyan Moon and share with him my other love...Al's magical way of making the moon glow! Lin loved it! We received the painting as a wedding present from his mom shortly after we returned. We met Al at the Peir 39, SF gallery in June of 2000, which made us cherish our art even more! Thank you Al, for being so genuine and "real". We also love our "Guiding Light" colaboration that we purchased the day we met you. I look forward to adding to our collection.

       Warmest regards,

       Cindy & Jerry McCormack

       Ted & Nanette DeCastri

       City: West Palm Beach,FL US

       Product/Service: Diamond Moon


       Well, it has only been a couple months since our first purchase of Nautilus Moon and now we have our second Al Hogue masterpiece. Diamond Moon is beautiful and we feel priviledged to have two such awesome paintings...

       Thanks Al!

       Michael and Teana Shambaugh

       City: Fort Shafter,HI USA

       Product/Service: Timeless Ocean


       We have owned Timeless Ocean for about a year now. It was our first art purchase and has been truly enjoyed. From the first time we saw it, we could not think of buying any other painting. Everyone who sees it cannot get over how it makes you feel like you are really there. Thanks Al!

       Richard Kirkman

       Company: N/A

       City: Fall River,MA U.S.A.

       Product/Service: Heavenly Light


       A wonderful image + great customer service + fair pricing = a satisfied client. John Scoggins(Gallery Director-Hogue Gallery of Lahaina) helped me obtain a work of art I will always enjoy. Al's paintings continue to impress, and I very much look forward to seeing his art evolve in the future. My thanks again for an efficient transaction. Regards, R.KIrkman.

       Tamara Gibson

       City: Yorba Linda,CA United States

       Product/Service: Multiple Images


       It is amazing how talented Mr. Hogue is. I have two of his pieces and absolutely love them. Anyone who sees them are amazed at the beauty and quality of the art. I only wish I had an unlimited amount of space for the work.

       Keana Kaikaina

       City: Honolulu,Hawaii USA

       Product/Service: Multiple Images


       i am 15, turning 16 on August 16. I am not really a very artistic person. I am an athletic young woman although, when i first laid eyes on your paintings i was calmed and i was taken to this little place where all was peaceful. I asked my parents for a painting of yours for my birthday. I ha ve the perfect spot on my wall for it. I just wanted to say that i love your work.It has a soothingness to it thats wonderful.

       Bob and Laurie Shinn

       Product/Service: Moonlit Symphony


       Our first look at Al Hogues work came on a sunny Key West afternoon on a stroll down Duval Street. We happened to walk into the Wyland Gallery to check it out. They were premiering a new artist by the name of Al Hogue. We were taken into the viewing room and had a quick history of Al s work and then we experienced a viewing of Timeless Ocean complete with gallery lighting..... We were hooked. Our first purchase back then was a framed print of Timeless Ocean and when it was delivered to us at home all of our friends and family were very impressed.



       Product/Service: Volcano Moon


       I'm happy to report that the painting is finally hanging on the wall. Thanks

       for all your assistance and for a great painting. I truly love it.

       If you ever get to the Boston area, be sure to contact me.

       Thanks again for everything,

       - Stephen

       Kate & Woody

       Product/Service: Other


       ...we enjoy our beautiful Al Hogue hanging on our wall! I've told Woody my 'wish list' now includes both Volcano Moon and Moonlight Symphony! I'm sure the list will continue to grow, as you continue to create! Hopefully, we will be able to purchase our second Al Hogue in the near future!


       Kate & Woody

       Mark Stewart

       City: Newport Beach,,CA USA


       Really like the new additions!


       Mark Stewart

       Jasmine Melenka

       City: Edmonto,AB USA

       Product/Service: Other


       Al Hogues work is absolutely beautiful, gives me a feeling of peace when looking at the artwork.

       Jasmine Melenka

       Alice Woolbright

       City: Cebu, Philippines

       Product/Service: Multiple Paintings


       I am the proud owner of 3 of your beautiful paintings. Your works of art are absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for bringing peace and tranquility to my home.

       Ronna & Gigi (sisters)

       Company: Signal Attorney Service, Inc.

       City: Long Beach,CA USA

       Product/Service: Volcano Moon & Manatees


       After a day's work, we enjoy the peacful feeling that awaits us at home and our Volcano Moon & Manatees.

       From Volcano Moon "Hawaii" to Manatees "Florida", we've got our happy thoughts (in spite of the great challenges and uncertainty facing our beautiful nation in 2004).

       We need our AL HOGUES more than ever right now. Thank you, Al, your beautiful soul shines through in your work!

       Richard Kirkman

       Company: N/A

       City: Fall River,MA U.S.A.

       Product/Service: Destiny's Light


       "Destiny's Light" is testament to the work

       of an artist who has found his niche with

       the finest contemporary seascape painters.

       Buy with confidence from this online site

       without reservation - you can be assured of receiving exemplary "customer service".

       This man's talent is only limited by his

       imagination. Thanks Al, for an efficient

       transaction. Mahalo, R.Kirkman

       Danielle Pollinger

       City: David,FL USA

       Product/Service: Other


       I just wanted to say that I love his artwork. I went to an art gallery here in Ft Lauderdale and out of the whol building I was most impressed by his paintings.

       Arron Sinelnikoff

       City: San Rafael,CA USA

       Product/Service: Multiple Images


       I have 2 giclees and adore both

       Monica & Peter H.

       City: Concord,CA USA

       Product/Service: Other


       Absolutely fascinated by Hogue's technique. We were mesmerized from the first time we saw on of his pieces at an gallery in Half Moon Bay. No other artist has captured the magical quality of the moon so well.


       Denise Dodge

       City: Redding,CA USA

       Product/Service: Multiple Images


       You have the most beautiful artwork I have seen. I collect puzzles & put them together & hang them on the wall. Yours make beautiful pictures! Keep up the wonderful work.

       Melaniki Hanaly

       Product/Service: Other


       I really am the biggest admirer of your artwork. I own no pieces (since I am only 16) but I enjoy looking at your work on this site often. I'm a poet; and an artist, in every sense of the word, so you might not be too surprised when I say that sometimes your paintings almost "move me to tears". You are my favorite artist and I hope that you continue to paint from the heart and not for the profit. Thank you for doing what you love to do.