This peace is a combination of imaginative fantasy and fond memories of sailing around the Hawaiian islands. Anchoring in small coves and scuba diving, fishing and taking the dingy ashore to explore the island. Then to top off  the end to a perfect day watch the sunset on the boat.

"Skirting The Storm"

Memories of fishing offshore for Marlin in Hawaii and in the Gulf of New Mexico, fighting to land a big fish before being caught by a storm ourselves.

"Turtle Bay"

This was a 24 x 36 commission for couple of my best collectors who wanted a piece reminding them of their vacations in Hawaii swimming with Turtles and adventuring around hidden coves.

Now available on Giclee all my other collectors can finally enjoy Turtles too.

"Moonlit Serenade"

Is memories of building treehouses when I was a boy and all the imaginative  adventures that were pursed within. When my family lived in Crescent Beach Canada which was just south of Vancouver. We had a huge backyard on the edge of a forest. I built a treehouse on top of a 150 - 250 year old 15 foot high Spruce tree stump  with a radius of  9 feet. This is where my love of nature first started.