"Golden Surf " 12x24 oil (gallery wrapped)

                   "Dolphin Dance" 8x10 oil                                                   

                 (framed in solid Hawaiian Koa wood )

              "Moonlit Transparency" 12x16 oil  

              ( framed in solid Hawaiian Koa wood )



                                    "Tropical Whale Song" 12x16 oil  (framed in solid Hawaiian Koa wood)

     "Warm Moorage" 12x24 oil (gallery wrapped )

   "Windward Beach"11x14 oil  (gallery wrapped )


                                                                        "A Summers Eve" 11x14 oil    SOLD

                "Green Pastures" 8x10 oil study SOLD

                     "Spring Sunrise" 8x10 oil

                                                         "Soft Light" 16x20 oil (gallery wrapped) SOLD

                "Under a Western Moon" 8x10 oil


                      " Soft Impressions" 8x10 oil


                    "Dolphin Paradise" 12x24 oil

                            "Blue Surf" 8x10 oil SOLD

                          "Blue Surf" 8x10 oil SOLD


                       "Golden Glow" 8x10 oil  SOLD


                     "Emerald Key" 8x10 oil  SOLD

                      "Dolphin Tide" 12x16 oil


                       "Mystical Paradise" 5x7 oil


     My painting technique, and my philosophy, can be described in one word -- light. The Old Renaissance Masters, like Da Vinci and Rembrandt, recognized that light is the reflection of nature, of life itself. Their paintings are masterful portraits of life. I have spent the last ten years studying their technique. I want viewers of my artwork to feel as if the painting were glowing and radiating its own light source. Light is everything in my paintings.  I use the old Dutch Masters oil painting technique of transparent washes and scumbles. This is the best way to create a 3D effect with light and shadow. -Al Hogue